When completing offers, there are a few pages of yes or no offer options. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR ANY OFFER TO RECEIVE A PAYMENT FOR GOING THROUGH THE SURVEY. Most people choose "no" for everything, and at the end a pop up appears and says that you must click yes for atleast one offer. Click yes, then on the next page there should be a SKIP or NO button. Click it and continue.

    There are very few offers that display 4-6 different offers and you have to click atleast one of the offers to continue. Click any offer, let it come up, press CONTINUE on the survey page. Close the offer that popped up and continue.

    Another type of offer ends with Silver, Gold and Platinum offers that say you must complete atleast 2 silver, 4 gold and 6 platinum to receive the gift. Once you get to this page after the yes or no options, you can stop there.