Referral Information:

    When you sign up for you will be given your own referral URL. You can find it on the Referral Info page.

    With the two tier program, everytime someone signs up under your referral URL, you make 20% of what they make, and then 10% of what THEIR referrals make! You will also have the option (once reaching silver status) to receive a $3.00 bonus for every person who meets the $10 minimum payout or, $1.00 for every different person who completes an offer! As you gain more referrals, your rank will go up. The higher the rank, the more money you get from your referrals!

      However, you cannot SPAM while promoting your referral URL. Please visit before you start.

Ways to get referrals:

There are TONS of ways to get referrals. Just be creative!

1. Refer friends and family. Remember that only one account can sign up per IP code.
2. Refer your online friends and groups without spamming!
3. Make a blog.
4. Make a website.
5. Order your FREE business cards from and hand them out. Ask gas station owners to display them on their counter. Or place them in books about "money" in books at the library.
6. Put flyers on cars, mailboxes, telephone posts, grocery stores, etc..
7. Put you referral URL in your signature in online forums.
8. Place an advertisement in the classifieds.
9. Advertise on forums subjected towards making money.
10. Roam your local college campus and pass out flyers to passing college students. They could always use extra money!
11. Get a magnetic advertisement and place it on your car.
12. Link Exchange with other major sites.
13. Use free and paid traffic exchanges.
14. Google adwords.
15. Rent a billboard. (They average about 8 dollars a day and millions of people see them!)
16. Get a custom make shirt with your referral URL on it.
17. Advertise over the radio.
18. On your dollar bills, write "I made this at"!
19. Register with