There are several different "theories" on how to make your offers confirm faster, or even at all.

Email Address:   Make several different email addresses. You can make them easily at or Alternate using the email addresses with the offers.

Daily Surveys:   Designate only ONE email address to fill out Daily Surveys. The company giving the survey will block you from the Daily Surveys once they realize you are using more than one email address.

Check the Forums:   I highly suggest signing up for the forums to get to know other members, receive advice, or give suggesting. Check out the thread "Which Approved For You Today?" to see which offers have confirmed for others, that will most likely confirm for you too.

Less is More:   Ironically, the less surveys and offers you have stacking up in your pending list, the better your chances they will confirm! You can work on getting referrals while you wait. Click to see the Referral Information page.

Cookies:   Delete cookies after every survey or offer. You can do this by going to "Tools" on your browser, then "Options" or "Internet Options", click the "Cookies" tab, and then press "Clear all cookies". You have the option of rebooting your computer if you want to. Some people believe this helps the offers confirm as well.

Read Carefully:   There are a few offers that will charge you money if you sign up with them. Please read the fine print under the Terms & Conditions to make sure there will be no monthly charge to you.

Keep a Log:   Make a list of all the offers you do. Beside each offer, write down the company that is giving the survey, and which email address you signed up with each offer. Doing this, you won't sign up under the same company more than once a day. They're not interested in seeing the same people over and over again.

Https:   Whenever you are filling out your personal information for any survey or offer, please be aware of the url! Make sure it says https://. Anything without a "s" means that the site is NOT secure and anyone can see your personal information.

Online Voicemail:   MOST of the offers and surveys require to enter a phone number. If you dont want them calling you (which they may) sign up for a FREE online voicemail number to use from one of the following sites: